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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Who do we work with?

Specialist Teachers for Hearing Impairment work with children and young people from birth/diagnosis until they leave school.  In the Early Years these services are provided in the home and preschool settings.  For learners of school age services are provided in state-funded mainstream school and special schools.  Services to FE Colleges are provided when purchased by the College.

Some children and young people may be making good progress and the STLS Sensory Service will provide information, advice and guidance to families and schools either through leaflets, online material or a telephone call.

Children and young people with bilateral permanent moderate, severe or profound hearing impairment are likely to meet the criteria for intervention from a Specialist Teacher for Hearing Impairment.  The allocation of this intervention will use the NatSIP Eligibility Framework and the Kent Support Allocation Matrix.