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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

When Should A Setting Make An Early Years LIFT Referral?

When advice from external specialists is needed:

When a child continues to make less than expected progress when targeted support is being put in place (including general advice and support sought, implemented and reviewed from the Equality and Inclusion Team), then the setting should consider obtaining advice from specialists. In Kent this would be when a child should be referred to Early Years LIFT. We would expect that the vast majority of children referred to Early Years LIFT would already have been identified as requiring SEND support.

There may be occasions when children who have a significant level of need may require a direct referral to Early Years LIFT without the implementation of a targeted approach - these cases will be managed on a case by case basis and should be discussed with the Early Years Specialist Teacher.

Decisions as to whether outside specialists should be contacted such as Speech and Language Therapy, Early Help, etc or whether an Early Years LIFT referral would be appropriate can happen at any stage of the process, but this would usually happen at the review stage, once it is clear from evidence that a child is not making progress despite targeted support.

Several reviews (including with parents or carers) may have taken place before any referral is made to outside professionals. Some children will not require a referral to Early Years LIFT or other professionals, but the "Assess, Plan, Do, Review" process may continue within the setting.