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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

When Should A School Make A Referral?

How to decide when advice from external specialists is needed:

When a child or young person continues to make less than expected progress, despite evidence-based support and interventions matched to the child or young person’s area of need, the school should consider obtaining advice from specialists. In Kent this would be when a child or young person should be referred to LIFT for discussion, advice and, on some occasions, allocation to a Specialist Teacher. We would expect that the vast majority of children and young people referred to LIFT would already be on the SEN support register.  

Several reviews may have taken place before any referral is made to outside professionals. Some children or young people will not require referral on to LIFT or other professionals, but the “Assess, Plan, Do, Review” process may continue within school.

All LIFT referrals should be submitted to the STLS Business Support Assistant by the Wednesday before the LIFT meeting.

If there is an unexpected and/or urgent issue that occurs between LIFT meetings, (for example, where a child or young person with complex needs joins the school, or a change in circumstances puts a child or young person at high risk of exclusion), then schools can contact the STLS Lead Christine Reveley to request to attend the next available LIFT meeting in their district.