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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

What Happens After The LIFT Meeting?

The most common outcomes from a LIFT discussion are:

  • Advice, support and ideas from the discussion at the Early Years LIFT meeting
  • Access to training programmes or the opportunity for bespoke training
  • A post Early Years LIFT visit from the Equality and Inclusion Advisor
  • A recommendation that the setting should consider a referral to Early Help
  • A recommendation that the setting should consider seeking advice from the appropriate Health Professionals (including referrals to other services)
  • Intervention from the Early Years Specialist Teacher or Milestone Outreach Teacher

A typical Early Years Specialist Teacher visit would generally involve observing and assessing the child's current strengths and areas for development, meeting with staff and parents to share information, discuss educational planning, write outcomes and targets and explore further avenues of support and funding.