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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

What Happens After The LIFT Meeting?

The most common outcomes from a LIFT discussion are:

  • Advice, support and ideas from the discussion at the meeting
  • Advice to carry out further assessment, observation and monitoring
  • Access to training programmes or the opportunity for bespoke training
  • Support from another school
  • Advice to attend one of the Specialist Teacher Drop-Ins for further discussion
  • Specialist Intervention from a Specialist Teacher, Special School Outreach Teacher, Educational Psychologist (through the core discretionary offer or commissioning) or other district based SEND provider – they will contact you after the meeting, usually within a week
  • A recommendation that the school should consider a referral to Early Help
  • A recommendation that the school consider seeking advice from appropriate health professionals.
  • Advice that it would be appropriate to apply for an EHCP

Decisions as to whether outside specialists should be contacted or an Early Help Notification made can happen at any stage of the process, but this would usually happen at the review stage, once it is clear from evidence that a child or young person is not making progress despite targeted support.

We have some resources at LIFT which are available to share with schools. These can be borrowed at a LIFT meeting, but we would ask that they are returned within a term please.