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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability


When a child or young person makes a transition from one phase of education to another, this is called phase transfer. There are three key transitions in a child or young person’s education:

  • Early Years Setting to Primary School
  • Primary School to Secondary School
  • Secondary School to Post-16 or 19 provision

If the child or young person has special educational needs or a disability (SEND), they may require an enhanced level of support at transition. If an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) is in place for them it is important for all involved to begin to plan well in advance of transition.

There is a process followed by the Local Authority, including the need to name a school or college on the plan. Further information is available here:

Some useful questions for parents and carers to ask when choosing an education setting are available here:

Whether a child or young person has SEND support or an EHCP, there will need to be a plan put in place in order for them to have a successful transition.

There is further guidance for the different transfer phases available for parents and carers on the Kent Information Hub:

Early Years:

Primary School to Secondary School:

Secondary to Further Education:

Kent has a Transition Charter, which sets out the responsibilities of everyone involved in the transition process.

Successful transitions occur more frequently when there is good communication, planning and transfer of information and records between early years settings, schools and parents/carers.

STLS in the Sevenoaks District are available to support and give advice at transition events and meetings if a child is on the case-list of a Specialist Teacher.

In the Sevenoaks District, we have created additional guidance documents, templates and resources for settings and schools to use at the different transfer phases. These are available on the pages below.