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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Service Delivery

STLS Sensory Service support for Hearing Impairment:

In Early Years we:

  • provide information about the child’s hearing impairment diagnosis
  • support the family, including the extended family, in the home
  • work with parents to assess and monitor their child's development and help set language and listening goals
  • provide information on modes of communication
  • advise on appropriate toys, sensory materials and books
  • empower parents to gain confidence in making choices for their child
  • offer contact with other families and local support network
  • provide support visits, advice and training to preschool settings and schools
  • support transitions into preschools settings and school

For School Age learners we:

  • advise schools on the implication of a learner’s hearing impairment
  • provide training to school staff on hearing impairment
  • advise school staff on strategies to promote access to the curriculum/ communication and to support social inclusion
  • teach specialist areas relating to hearing impairment such as the acquisition of language/listening skills or signing skills
  • provide technical support to ensure the learner’s hearing equipment is working well
  • advise on and support specialist equipment such as assistive listening devices
  • work closely with schools and other agencies to support joint planning
  • assess the learner’s functional hearing and their progress in language and listening skills
  • contribute to a planned approach over time to promote independent learning
  • maintaining close contact with families to ensure that expectations and approaches are consistent between home and school

Colleges of Further Education:

When a young person is ready to move on to College or University, we provide a report and advice to support planning and ensure a smooth transition.  Similar support to that provided in schools is available to be purchased by Colleges of Further Education.