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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

School Accessibility Planning

The pdnet Standards provide a practical structure for schools and settings to self-evaluate current provision and reflect on the effectiveness of their organisation in meeting the diverse needs of children and young people with physical disability. A set of Standards has been developed for all three educational phases: Early Years, Schools & Post-16. Four key areas identify the knowledge, skills, actions and attitudes needed to successfully support and nurture a learner with a physical disability:

Standard 1: Vision, ambition and expectation

Standard 2: Identifying and assessing need

Standard 3: Meeting diverse need

Standard 4: Enabling individual outcomes

There are downloadable pdf documents to support your school review for students and children with physical disability (see attachments below). 

The Standards are also free to access on the pdnet website where there is a self-evaluation tool that you can use on-line.

pdnet have also produced an accessibility toolkit for your review and future planning.  There is a small charge of £30 for this online resource.