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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

STLS Sensory Service Kent

 For more information please use the following contacts:


Suzanne Wilkins

Head of Sensory Service

June-December 2022 Project work only 07825 013362

Liz Stark
Business Support Officer 07795 036674 


For Vision Impairment go to Vision Impairment Team 

For Hearing Impairment go to Hearing Impairment Team

For MSI/Deafblindness go to Multi-Sensory Impairment Team


For Hearing Impairment referrals please contact:

West and North Kent – Susan Holder, HI Coordinator  Tel: 07825 013351 or email 

East and South Kent – Jo Clarke, HI Coordinator Tel: 07825 380152 or email 

For Vision Impairment referrals please contact:

Jennie Russell, VI Coordinator  Tel:  07795 151364 or email

For MSI/Deafblindness referrals please contact:

Hannah Downs, MSI Co-Ordinator Tel:07989 671120, Email 

For Training enquiries please contact:

Hearing impairment - Clare Taylor, HI Coordinator Tel: 07540 677036 or email

Visual Impairment - Lisa Bell, VI Coordinator  Tel: 07917 224205 or email

MSI/Deafblindness - Hannah Downs, MSI Co-Ordinator Tel:07989 671120, Email