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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

STLS Sensory Service Kent

How can you access this service?

Children and young people are usually referred to the STLS Sensory Service on diagnosis by health professionals, including those from the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme. 

Parents, preschools and schools can refer children and young people with diagnosed hearing impairment, visual impairment or deafblindness. 

The forms to request a professional consultation or intervention are attached below or you may contact the following team members:

For Hearing Impairment referrals please contact:

West and North Kent – Susan Holder, HI Coordinator  Tel: 07811 690561 or email

East and South Kent – Jo Clarke, HI Coordinator Tel: 07811690106 or email

For Visual Impairment referrals please contact:

Jennie Russell, VI Coordinator  Tel:  07811 69036 or email

For MSI/Deafblindness referrals please contact;

Hannah Downs MSI Coordinator Tel; 07811 690533 or email


What happens following a request for specialist intervention?

  • You will be contacted by a teacher with a specialist qualification in HI, VI or MSI.
  • Your referral may lead to information, signposting or telephone advice to your child’s preschool or school.
  • For children and young people with moderate, severe or profound bilateral sensory impairment specialist teaching will be provided in early years and at state-funded mainstream schools.
  • Specialist teaching is provided in the early years at home and in preschools.
  • Specialist teaching is provided in schools which are state-funded mainstream schools, including academies and free schools.
  • Services to KCC Special Schools are part of a bespoke package of support agreed in liaison with the Sensory Link professional at your child’s Special School.