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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

STLS Physical Disability and Complex Medical Needs, Kent

 The Specialist Teaching and Learning Service for Physical Disability and Complex Medical Needs is a county-wide service supporting children and young people from a number of bases in each of the twelve districts in Kent. 

What do we do?

We are commissioned by Kent County Council, through Valence School, a special school in Westerham for physical disability, to support the inclusion and progress of CYP with physical disability and/or complex medical needs.  There are a whole range of ways that we support the access to education for this group of young people

  • Building Access - we work with therapists from Health and dedicated property surveyors to try to find solutions for students to access their school as independently as possible, with suitable personal care provision
  • Teaching and Learning - we work closely with teachers and support staff to overcome barriers to accessing the curriculum, such as different ways of recording, practical solutions to inclusion in sport and PE, as well as differentiation which takes individual needs into account
  • Training - we provide training on practical matters such as Moving and Handling and writing care plans and risk assessments, as well as curriculum access
  • Assessment - we work closely with our therapy colleagues and  KMCAT to support young people who need to use assistive technology to support their communication and for recording their work. Our role is  an introductory level of assistive technology and we can support schools and settings with identifying the first steps to identifying useful solutions
  • Support Transitions - we working with families and schools/settings to support successful transitions providing advice on the timeline of PD transitions and helping to prepare the pupil for the next step in their education