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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Moving and Handling Training

Moving and handling training is provided by the STLS PD and  Valence outreach to support schools and settings where you have students how need help with transfers between equipment, personal care and getting up from the floor.  We are able to offer bespoke training which is an introduction to paediatric moving and handling.  The course covers the following:

  • Legislation - roles and responsibilities for keeping children and and young people, as well as the workforce safe
  • Introduction to back care - how the back works and the best ways to avoid injuring your back when you are doing manual handling
  • Biomechanics - learning how to use your body effectively and efficiently so that you are able to carry out moving and handling tasks safely and with the least effort possible
  • Practical manual handling - this is really helpful when working with young children but also for manual handling tasks such as personal care, positioning and facilitating young people to stand and walk
  • Risk Assessments - how to identify hazards which could harm the child or young person or support staff, rating risks and understanding strategies and resources which can reduce the risk
  • Introduction to hoisting - looking at how we use hoists and what safety checks need to be carried out
  • Practical hoisting - learning how to insert a sling, checks you need to make when using either a mobile or ceiling track hoist

This introductory course will support the specific training which your physiotherapist or occupational therapist will demonstrate for you when working with individual children or young people.

Please contact to discuss your needs or speak to your specialist teacher



As part of our core training offer to all schools and Early Years settings, the STLS PD also run Introduction to Paediatric Moving and Handling courses at five different venues across Kent, twice a year.  Please check our training calendar to see when the next course near you is being offered.  Places are restricted to 2 delegates per school or setting to enable us to keep to our maximum training number of 10 delegates per session.

We are also offering half day refresher courses for people who have completed the full days training within the last two years.  If it is more than two years since your last training, you will need to complete the full days training again.