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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Funding Access works

Maintained Schools

  • Once the feasibility survey has been completed, a contractor will be asked to come and quote for the works and to give a reasonable timeframe for them to be completed
  • Depending on the scope of the works, schools may be eligible for Schools' Access Initiative (SAI) funding to cover the cost of the works
  • For minor works schools are likely to be asked to arrange the works from their individual Devolved Capital Formula, for more extensive projects the funding should be discussed with the Area Education Officer
  • Contractors are invited to quote for the works and the project manager will liaise with them over the drawing up of plans
  • A contract is drawn up between the successful contractor and KCC for the works to go ahead with agreed timelines to cause minimal disruption - often during school holidays
  • Final settlement for the works is not made until the school is happy that the work and all snagging is complete


  • For bigger projects where there is likely to be considerable cost, the Area Education Officer will be involved from the beginning and will decide whether KCC will fund the feasibility survey
  • Academies are invited to choose their own project managers and contractors to complete the feasibility survey and bids.  STLS PD and therapists will still be able to offer support and advice at the planning stage
  • KCC does not hold the funds for Academies to carry out access works and adaptations; there is a different funding route for this
  • Academies are able to bid for loans from a central government pot called the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) either by a direct bid or from the Multi Academy Trusts (MAT) formulaic allocation
  • There is a small window for registering and applying for CIF monies which runs between November and the following January

Voluntary Aided Schools (VA)

  • Works for VA schools may be funded from their individual Devolved Fund Capital (DFC), however, for more extensive works the school may approach the responsible bodies' School Condition Allocations (SCA) 
  • There are two bodies responsible for VA schools in Kent, the Diocese of Rochester, Director of Education John Constanti, and the Diocese of Canterbury, Director of Education Quentin Roper.  Conversations around SCA should begin with the Director of Education for your diocese
  • In most cases, individual schools may be required to make a contribution towards the cost of the works
  • Specialist teachers and therapists will work with VA schools in the same way that they work with academies