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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Early Years LIFT

What is Early Years LIFT?

Early Years SENCOs attend Early Years LIFT to access support from Specialist Teachers based at Valence School, Special School Outreach Staff based at Milestone Academy, Equality and Inclusion Advisor, Early Help and other Early Years practitioners. At times, other professionals attend some Early Years LIFT meetings, for example, Speech and Language Therapists.

Early Years SENCOs are encouraged to attend Early Year LIFT once a term, whether or not they have a referral to bring. When they require specialist support, a referral must be made using the appropriate forms. Referrals must be submitted at least a week before the Early Years LIFT meeting they are attending.

The Early Years LIFT meeting considers all requests for support for children presenting with the need for specialist advice in the following areas: Cognition and Learning (C&L), Communication and Interaction (C&I), Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and Physical Disability (PD).

If there is an unexpected and/or urgent issue that occurs between Early Years LIFT meetings, for example where a child with complex needs joins the settings, or a change in circumstances puts a child at high risk of exclusion, then Early Years SENCOs can request to attend the next available Early Years LIFT meeting.