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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

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The Specialist Teaching and Learning Service for the Sevenoaks District is based at Valence School and all the Specialist Teachers and District Lead are based there.

The Outreach team linked with the STLS is based at Milestone Academy.

Sevenoaks STLS Lead: Christine Reveley-Haworth

Sevenoaks Business Support Assistant: Liz Stark

01959 560592

The STLS Sensory Service delivers to all parts of the county.  The Specialist Teachers and other professionals for sensory impairment are based in each of the 12 districts of Kent alongside the STLS District teams at the special schools listed below.   The Head of Sensory Service is based at Valence.  Please click on STLS Sensory Service Kent to the right to find our contact details.

STLS PD is a county-wide service and the Professional Lead is based at Valence School, however, district Specialist Teachers work out of other special schools around the county. Please click on STLS Physical Disability Kent to the right to find out who your local Specialist Teachers are.