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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

About us - The MSI Team

Specialist Teacher for MSI

The STLS Sensory Service have a specialist county team of four teachers with additional qualifications in MSI.  These teachers work alongside the Specialist Teachers for Hearing Impairment and Specialist Teachers for Vision Impairment to provide a coordinated approach to the individual needs of each child or young person with MSI.  These teachers:

  • Work directly with children and young people in a teaching capacity in specialist areas such as the acquisition of communication and independence.
  • Provide specialist advice on the differentiation of curriculum activities for children and young people to access learning activities.
  • Work closely with Specialist Teachers for HI and VI to provide a joined-up approach for families.
  • Coordinate the writing of an annual MSI report for each child or young person.
  • Work closely with families, preschool settings and schools/colleges, to support joint planning which encourages inclusive teaching and learning approaches.
  • Advise on strategies to promote children and young people’s social inclusion.
  • Contribute to a planned approach over time to promote independent learning.
  • Maintain close contact with families as appropriate to make sure expectations and approaches are consistent between home and school.
  • Facilitate specialist training on MSI/deafblindness.

MSI Intervenors

Within the county the STLS Sensory Service are recruiting to provide a team of three MSI Intervenors.

Intervenors are specifically trained to work with MSI/Deafblind children and young people and their families.  They offer one-to-one support to enable children to learn about and interact with the world around them.

The MSI Intervenors work with Deafblind children throughout the year in the home and community to support the development of communication and independence skills.  They work closely with parents and carers offering support, guidance, encouragement and short breaks.  They provide specialist support to enable access to family life, the wider community and to participate in MSI Family Days.

Multi-Sensory Impairment Team