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Supporting Children in Kent with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Virtual Surgery dates STLS PD 2022-23

Following the success of our STLS PD surgeries for EY settings and schools, we are planning termly meetings for the next academic year.  Find out when your area surgeries are and book a place to discuss any concerns or needs about children and young people with physical disability or complex medical needs.

At each of our surgery meetings you will be able to talk to the STLS PD Professional Lead and the specialist PD teachers who work in your districts.  We aim to give you practical advice and link you through to useful resources, training and templates.  If we feel that a referral for a specialist teacher, to give you more specific support and advice, would be the best way forward, then we will support you to make an EY LIFT or LIFT referral.

  Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
North 22.02.23 (am) 18.04.23 (am) 06.06.23 (pm)
South 01.03.23 (am) 25.04.23 (am) 21.06.23 (pm)
East 15.03.23 (am) 03.05.23 (am) 04.07.23 (pm)
West 29.03.23 (pm) 11.05.23 (am) 12.06.23 (pm)

Email: to book a slot.  Please make sure that you give the date you want and your school or setting name.